Audi Lease near Ottawa ON

Why Lease an Audi?

Audi vehicles are known for their sleek appearance, comfortable seating, intelligent safety systems, and innovative features. The Audi lineup includes sophisticated sedans and athletic SUVs, including both plug-in hybrid and all-electric options. A few of the most popular Audi model leases include:

  • Audi Q5 lease
  • Audi A6 lease
  • Audi R8 lease
  • Audie e-tron lease
  • Audi Q7 lease

Whichever Audi you want to lease, you'll be able to harness the power of a responsive engine as you take to the streets of Ottawa and beyond.


Benefits of Leasing an Audi near Ottawa Ontario: Drive What You Want When You Want

In general, vehicle leases last between two and three years, which means you can switch to a new or a different Audi on a regular basis. Whether you crave variety or simply enjoy experiencing the latest automotive technology soon after it comes out, leasing an Audi gives you the freedom to drive exactly what you want when you want.

Extra Flexibility

Typically, leases require lower monthly payments and a lower down payment compared with financing the same Audi. Along with making leasing an economical option, this can provide you with more flexibility, so you can choose from a wider selection of vehicles.

When leasing an Audi, you may also be eligible to deduct certain expenses for work or other related activities. By maximizing your tax write-offs, you can free up capital for other endeavors.

Greater Peace of Mind

Another benefit is that warranty coverage is included throughout your Audi lease term. This can give you greater peace of mind and help you travel with confidence, knowing you have back-up if you need it.  

Multiple End-of-Lease Opportunities

Down the road, when you're approaching the end of your Audi lease, you can save time and energy too. Rather than selling or trading in your Audi, you can relax and focus on picking out your next exotic or vintage vehicle lease.


What Is the Pfaff Difference?

When you lease with us, we will begin by connecting you with one of our specialists. This expert will provide you with one-on-one support and be your single point of contact throughout the process. Once they have a better understanding of which Audi you want to lease, they will help you secure one that fits your wants and needs.

After your Audi lease comes to an end, your Pfaff leasing specialist will be there to help you extend it or secure another lease for you. If you want to continue your lease, we can extend it for you. On the other hand, if you want to drive another model, we can easily switch you to another lease.

Where Can I Lease an Audi near Ottawa ON?

With an Audi lease, you can instantly enhance your daily driving experience and attract attention as you go. To experience the Pfaff Difference for yourself, contact us at Pfaff Leasing and begin your Audi leasing journey near Ottawa, Ontario, today.


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