Automotive Term Loans

Do you want to reach more customers? If so, our team at Pfaff Leasing can help your dealership with our extensive portfolio, services, and products that now include automotive term loans. For commercial vehicles, classic cars, vintage models, and everything in between, we can help you delight your customers throughout every step of their car-buying journey.

We proudly help dealerships throughout Toronto, ON; Vancouver, BC; and the surrounding areas serve their clients better. Learn more about how we can help you reach and satisfy a wider range of customers today.

Connect Your Customers With Auto Term Loans up to 72 Months

Though leasing offers plenty of flexibility, some customers may be interested in upgrading their daily rides by financing their dream car with an auto loan. Depending on each customer’s unique credit history and preferences, we can work with them to find an auto term loan that connects them with whichever vehicle has caught their eye.

We offer a variety of flexible auto loans ranging all the way up to 72-month terms. These include market-competitive rates for all makes and models, such as exclusive and desirable options your customers may want to own.

Get Customer Approvals Within 48 Hours of Delivery

With our DealerTrack services, your most qualified customers can get approved for an auto loan within 48 hours of delivery. This includes funding and documentation, so everything is accounted for across the board.

Whether your customers want a commercial, exotic, classic, or vintage vehicle, we can connect them with an auto term loan that is sure to delight them-and you.

Discover a Simpler Sales Process

By working with us, you can simplify your sales process while retaining control of your customers from beginning to end and funding up to 100% of the MSRP or advertised asking price. We can help your customers locate a vehicle, negotiate an auto loan term, and finally arrange the purchase or financing process on their behalf.

Experience the Convenience of One Point of Contact from a Member of Our Full-Time Dealership Representative Team

When you work with a member of our team, you have one point of contact, which means you can always count on getting the answers and support you need. To ensure you have someone to reach, we have a team of full-time leasing representatives dedicated to supporting our dealership clients.

Learn More About How Our Auto Term Loans Can Help You Reach More Customers

With the addition of auto term loans, Pfaff Leasing offers the flexibility your dealership needs to satisfy every customer’s demand, for every type of vehicle, including vintage and exotic models throughout Toronto, Ontario, and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Contact us to speak with one of our auto term loan representatives today to learn more and to experience the Pfaff Difference. We look forward to helping you expand your dealership portfolio and services while satisfying more customers through our flexible auto term loans along the way.

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