Whether you find yourself cruising over to explore the 75 hectares of the Montreal Botanical Garden or to explore the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal, a car lease can enhance your daily drives throughout Montreal, QC, and the surrounding areas.

Our team at Pfaff Leasing can help you lease your dream car while you enjoy the many benefits of automotive leasing along the way. As you read more about our leasing services near Montreal, Quebec, below, feel free to contact one of our customer service specialists at any time to learn more.

Things We Love About Montreal Quebec

With the right car lease, you can make the most of your time in Montreal. In the second-most populous city in Canada and the most populous city in Quebec, there is never a dull moment, from hiking the triple peaks of Mont-Royal to catching a show at Place des Arts or biting into a Montreal-style smoked meat sandwich from Schwartz’s Deli.

With a car lease, you can get around to all your favourite spots in Montreal while exploring new ones, too, in complete comfort.

Why Lease a Car With Us?

When you lease a car with us, you will have access to nearly every vehicle currently available on the market, including exotic and vintage cars. As you search for your perfect car, you may consider:

  • Exotic vehicles
  • Commercial vehicles

We can track down any vehicle you have your eye on and help you secure your lease. Our team can also help you take advantage of any potential tax write-offs you may be eligible for, so you can free up capital to put toward other endeavours. We will work hard to streamline the leasing process for you, so you can spend more time on your rides.

When your lease ends, the Pfaff Leasing team will help you manage the lease-end process and locate your next set of wheels.

Commerical Vehicles

Benefits of Car Leasing near Montreal Quebec

We have customers with all different lifestyles, but they all appreciate the flexibility that leasing offers. Just some of the benefits they quote for why they prefer to lease include:

Flexible Leasing

Car Leases Are Temporary and Flexible

Typically, lease agreements last between about 24 and 36 months. That means that you can upgrade to a new or different model every few years. Whether your needs change or you simply want to experience another make and model, leasing offers the flexibility to drive what you want, when you want.

Since a lease makes it easy to change your vehicle every few years, you can continually choose from the latest models with the most cutting-edge features that will surely draw attention from those around you.

Leases Can Include Warranty Coverage

Another benefit of a car lease is that it includes warranty coverage, which can give you greater peace of mind as you drive throughout Montreal and beyond. In certain cases, some repairs may also be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Overall, this can make leasing an economical option.

Leasing May Require a Lower Down Payment

Usually when leasing a car, you will have a lower down payment and monthly payments than when financing the same model. In this case, you may have more options to choose from than if you were to finance your next ideal vehicle.

Leasing Warranty

Where Can I Lease a Car near Montreal Quebec?

When you feel ready to make your next move toward leasing a car in and around Montreal, QC, contact us at Pfaff Leasing to get started! We look forward to making your vehicle leasing dreams a reality.