Commercial Vehicle Lease near Calgary

When you're in need of a vehicle or fleet for your business, a lease can be a great way to get the job done. Pfaff Leasing is a leasing company that can help businesses across Calgary, Alberta, get the commercial vehicle leases they need.

Commercial Leasing Flexibility

Every business has different needs. That's true for the commercial vehicle leases businesses need, too. Our team can craft a personalized lease to your business's needs. We offer term lengths up to 60 months, so you can select a commercial vehicle you'd like to drive for a longer term or switch more frequently.

While you lease with us, you'll have one point of contact for your entire lease. This one-on-one approach is part of the Pfaff Difference. With this approach, you'll know who to contact if you have questions, and it keeps everything streamlined, especially when banks or credit lines are involved.

Our team can help you do more than just get a commercial vehicle lease. We can also help you maximize lease-related tax write-offs in order to free up capital for any business needs you might have. Our leases often include warranty coverage, which may reduce repair or maintenance costs in the future.*

DealerTrack Leasing Services

Are you a dealership hoping to provide leasing services to your customers? Pfaff Leasing can help. We can provide competitive lease rates for your dealership as well as administrative leasing needs. When a lease begins, we can complete whatever paperwork and leasing services within 48 hours, so your customer can get behind the wheel.

You can focus on your relationship with your customers while we provide inventory and administrative help to give them an outstanding experience.

Commercial Vehicle Inventory

When your business has the right commercial vehicle, your life is easier. Your business will run smoother, and you'll get the job done quicker. To help match your business with the right commercial vehicle, we offer a range of vehicles, including:

  • Shuttle vans
  • Construction trucks
  • Delivery trucks or vans

If your business has a specific vehicle in mind, let our team know. We have connections across Canada that we can use to secure that model, so you can lease it from us.

When you reach the end of your lease, you'll have a few options-each of which is designed to be straightforward and efficient. You can choose to return your vehicle or begin another lease on a different commercial vehicle. Leasing different commercial vehicles give you the option to explore the latest technologies and features that can aid your business.

Start Your Next Commercial Lease near Calgary Today

Are you ready to begin your next commercial lease? Our team at Pfaff Leasing can help business owners around Calgary, AB, set up a flexible lease that works for their business. We can help you find the ideal vehicle for your commercial lease, whether you need just one or a few. Through your entire lease, you'll experience the Pfaff Difference.

Contact us to start your lease today.


* See dealer for limited warranty details.