Commercial Vehicle Lease near Vancouver BC

Does your business require a vehicle to get the job done? An option for Vancouver, British Columbia, business owners is to lease a commercial vehicle. Pfaff Leasing offers commercial leases for single vehicles and fleets, so your business can get the cars it needs.

Our team can provide guidance, flexible lease terms, and whatever else your business might need to make a commercial vehicle lease work for you.


Convenient and Flexible Commercial Leases

Pfaff Leasing takes an individualized approach to every lease, including our commercial leases. We'll tailor your leases to fit your business's needs, including term lengths up to 60 months. You can choose a lease length that works for your needs, whether you prefer to change commercial vehicles more regularly or work with one for several years.

While you lease with us, you'll only have one point of contact. This personalized approach gives you one point of contact for any questions you may have. This is an important part of the Pfaff Difference. It also makes the process easier when working with a bank or credit line.

To help you get the most out of your lease, our team will help you maximize your tax write-offs. It's our goal to help you free up capital for other business needs. Our leases also include warranty coverage, so your vehicle has the coverage you might need and help reduce costs for potential repairs or maintenance.*

Commercial Vehicle Options

With the right commercial vehicle or fleet, your business will run better and more efficiently. Our leasing service offers a variety of commercial vehicles for your business, such as:

  • Delivery vans
  • Construction trucks
  • Shuttle service vehicles

Do you have a specific model in mind for your commercial lease? Let us know. We'll do our best to track down that model and ensure that you are able to lease it from us. We have relationships all over Canada to help get the vehicles our customers need.

At the end of your commercial lease, you'll experience an efficient return process and can begin your next lease. Your business doesn't miss a thing while your next lease gives you access to the newest features of your commercial vehicle.

DealerTrack Lease Services

Are you a vehicle dealership interested in adding leasing options to what your business offers?

We offer DealerTrack Leasing Support Service for dealerships looking to offer competitive leasing rates. Through DealerTrack, our team can approve leases and complete administrative needs in about 48 hours. Like our other commercial lease services, you will have one point of contact to help you with your customer's leases.

You retain the relationship with your customers while we offer the inventory and administration your dealership needs.

Begin Your Commercial Lease near Vancouver Today

Whether you're interested in leasing one commercial vehicle or an entire fleet, Pfaff Leasing can help. We encourage business owners across Vancouver, BC, to contact our team and let us know what commercial vehicles you'd like to lease for your business.

While you lease with us, you'll experience the Pfaff Difference. Contact us to begin leasing today.


* See dealer for limited warranty details.