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Have you been considering adding leasing to your dealership? Dealers across Toronto, Ontario, and Vancouver, British Columbia, can partner with Pfaff Leasing to bring flexible leasing options to their dealerships.

This page provides some additional information on how dealers and Pfaff Leasing may work together and what dealers can expect from a partnership. If you have questions, we encourage you to reach out to our team.

Working Together to Lease Vehicles for Your Customers

When your dealership works with Pfaff Leasing, you’ll retain control of your own customers. The vehicle and customer are captive to you. This allows you to bring customers back more often and permits seamless pull-forward that’s easier than factory leasing or traditional financing.

It also gives customers the option of driving a new car sooner. Our comprehensive reserve program is updated monthly. This is all part of the Pfaff Difference-our approach to a great leasing experience for dealers and customers alike.

Our lease program is also on DealerTrack. This makes it easy for us to provide fast and easy approvals and administration. We deliver quick approvals on A credit customers, and funding is completed within 48 hours of delivery with the documents needed. We also have a full-time dealer representative to look after all of your needs.

Flexible Lease Terms

Our lease programs offer flexible lease terms. Dealers can fund up to 100% of MSRP or advertised asking price, including value-add products. We also offer competitive interest rates for customers. Our team will take care of the administrative side of things while you help your customer find the right vehicle for them.

When it comes to specific lease terms, your customers can lease a vehicle for up to 60 months, depending on what is right for them. Shorter leases allow drivers to try out different cars more frequently, while longer options offer more stability without the commitment of a purchase.

Vehicles Available to Lease

Our leasing program offers a large inventory of vehicles. Drivers can lease any make or model from us and, therefore you. Your customers will be happy, and you’ll be able to provide more customers with a lease they’ll love.

Does a customer need a commercial vehicle lease? We can help you find the commercial vehicle, or vehicles, that your customer needs and create a lease that’s right for their business.

A popular leasing option for some drivers is an exotic vehicle. Pfaff Leasing can help dealers find the exotic or vintage car that a customer has always dreamed of driving. Just reach out to our team and let us know the vehicle your customer is looking for. We’ll do our best to find that car and create a flexible lease plan that helps them get behind the wheel.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Leasing Opportunities

Does Pfaff Leasing seem like a good match for your dealership? Dealers around Toronto, ON, and Vancouver, BC, can contact us to learn more. While you work with us, your dealer and your customers will experience the Pfaff Difference.

Contact us to learn more about how dealers and Pfaff Leasing can work together.