Do you want to elevate your drives with an exotic vehicle lease near Vancouver, British Columbia? Do you want to grow the lease portfolio for your dealership? Whether you are an individual who wants a high-end driving experience or a dealership representative who wants to offer more leasing options to your customers, our team at Pfaff Leasing is here to help.

Make the Most of Every Drive in Vancouver British Columbia With an Exotic Vehicle Lease

Imagine yourself cruising along the Sea-to-Sky Highway in the exact exotic vehicle lease you have been dreaming about. Whether you enjoy exploring Vancouver’s outdoor scene at scenic Grouse Mountain, prefer to spend leisurely afternoons shopping in Gastown, or like to attend every hockey game you can, every experience will become that much more memorable when you go to and from them all in an exotic vehicle lease.

Our team will streamline the leasing process for you, so you can spend more time doing what you love, like visiting the beautiful VanDusen Botanical Garden or catching the next sunset in English Bay.

Exotic Vehicle Leasing

What Are the Benefits of Leasing an Exotic Vehicle?

Since vehicle leases typically last between about 24 and 36 months (around three years), they give you the freedom to switch to a new or different model more easily and often. That means you can stay ahead of the curve with the latest automotive features while attracting attention on the road as you navigate Vancouver, BC, and the surrounding areas.

Choose from a Wide Variety of Exotic Vehicles

When you lease with us, you have a world of possibilities before you because you’ll have access to nearly every vehicle currently available on the market. Our team has the necessary experience and connections to arrange a delivery for your exotic vehicle lease, so you can relax.

Feel Greater Peace of Mind With Warranty Coverage*

Leases typically include warranty coverage; and, in some cases, certain repairs may be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.* This can help you drive your exotic vehicle lease with more confidence and ease.

Enjoy Flexible Payments

Compared with financing the same model, leasing usually requires a lower down payment and lower monthly payments, too. Overall, this can make leasing a wise fiscal decision while also allowing you to consider a wider variety of exotic vehicles.  

Free up Capital With Tax Write-offs

Another benefit of working with us is that we can help you take advantage of any available tax write-offs for which you or your business may be

Leasing Solutions for Your Dealership

Leasing Solutions for Your Dealership near Vancouver BC

If you own or work on behalf of a dealership, we can help you expand your lease portfolio by delivering solutions both you and your customers will appreciate. We offer lease terms of up to 60 months with competitive rates your customers will love. Along with that, you can fund up to 100% of the MSRP.

Through our DealerTrack services, we deliver quick approvals for qualified customers and complete funding within 48 hours of delivery, including documentation. Should you need anything, we have specialists dedicated to serving dealerships like yours. When you work with us, you also retain control of your customers, making it a win-win for everyone.

Where Can I Lease an Exotic Vehicle near Vancouver British Columbia?

All of us at Pfaff Leasing look forward to providing you with exotic vehicle leasing solutions throughout Vancouver, BC. Contact us to learn more today!


*See dealer for limited warranty details.