Half-ton Truck Toronto

Do you operate a commercial fleet? Are you in need of a half-ton Pickup truck or Van in Toronto? Pfaff Leasing can help! We can get you behind the wheel of the truck you need, when you need it. When you come to Pfaff Leasing looking for a half-ton Pickup truck or Van, you can have confidence knowing that we can help your small or medium-sized business run smoother and more efficiently. At Pfaff, we help a lot of customers, who love to drive in the GTA, get behind the wheel of high quality performance and luxury vehicles. However, we also understand that the market for commercial trucks is very large, as they can be the backbone and the workhorse of your business. Leasing your work truck is a smart plan, and a great alternative to financing. Let Pfaff Leasing find you the half-ton Pickup truck or Van that you are looking for in Toronto and the GTA!


Commercial vehicle leasing with Pfaff Leasing will give you flexible lease terms and fleet management solutions to help manage your fleet more efficiently. Here are some reasons why leasing a half-ton Pickup truck or Van in Toronto or the GTA may be a better financial option for your organization:


Leasing reduces maintenance and repair expenses.

The longer you own a truck, the higher maintenance and repair costs will be. This includes givens like tires, oil changes and routine inspections. A full-service lease can cover maintenance and repairs at predictable monthly costs.


Leasing helps you better focus on your business model.

Making a new truck purchase comes with huge upfront costs. In addition, truck owners pay sales tax and finance charges and lose the use of their capital. All these expenditures add up and can be better used to support programs and purchases that directly affect your company’s business model.


Leasing keeps your fleet up-to-date.

Older leased vehicles can be traded in for newer equipment, eliminating obsolescence, reducing maintenance costs and improving driver satisfaction and allowing you to adapt to the changing needs of your business quickly and cost effectively.


Leasing a half-ton Pickup truck or Van in Toronto for your business is a very smart business decision. You will be able to free up more cash flow for other important things. Leasing is a great alternative to financing. Also, with Pfaff Leasing on your side, we will do all the negotiations with the manufacturer’s to guarantee that you are obtaining all the best incentives, and the best deal overall. We can also help you manage your business fleet in the GTA no matter how big or small it is.


For more information about how Pfaff Leasing can assist you with finding a half-ton truck in GTA for your business, please feel free to continue browsing through our website. Click here to find our contact information and to fill out our contact form.