When you are ready to return your exotic vehicle or commercial vehicle lease near Toronto, Ontario, or Vancouver, British Columbia, our team here at Pfaff Leasing can streamline the process for you from start to finish. One of the best parts of leasing a vehicle or fleet is the flexibility it offers.

Whether you want to move on to a new lease or simply want to return your current one, our team will gladly help you move through the process. On this page, you can learn more about the simple, straightforward way to return your lease.

What Happens at the End of a Vehicle Lease?

One of the convenient elements of leasing is that you do not have to spend any time selling or trading in the vehicle at the end of the lease term. Most automotive lease agreements last between about 24 and 36 months (about three years). When it comes time to return your lease, the vehicle or fleet will be inspected to assess the current condition.

End Of Lease

What Other Options Do I Have at the End of My Lease?

As the end of your lease approaches, you will have a few options to choose from moving forward. If you want to extend your lease, our team can set that up for you. If, on the other hand, you are ready to upgrade to a new or different exotic vehicle, we can assist you with that, too, so you can continue to turn heads on the road.

How Can I Prepare My Lease for Return?

Before returning your lease, you should look through your lease agreement to check on any stipulations outlined in it. There will be some guidelines pertaining to the condition of the vehicle or fleet, such as minimum tire tread depth.

In addition to carefully cleaning the exterior and interior, or having a professional detail your lease for you, make sure to remove your personal belongings before the return.


Return Your Lease Today

If you want to return your exotic vehicle lease or your fleet of commercial vehicle leases, we can help you take the next steps. Contact one of our friendly team members at Pfaff Leasing to schedule an appointment. Get ready to return your vehicle lease near Toronto, ON, or Vancouver, BC, today!