At the end of your lease, there are typically a few things you need to do in order to formally end your lease.

Pfaff Leasing will make the lease return process quick and efficient for Quebec drivers. If you’re interested in a new lease or an auto loan, our team can help with that, too. The end of one lease doesn’t have to be the end of your experience with us. Learn more here.

End of Lease Options

When you’re nearing the time of your lease return, there are a few decisions to make. You generally have three options at the end of a lease:

  • Buy your vehicle
  • Start a new lease
  • Finish leasing and walk away

Are you interested in driving a different vehicle when your lease ends? Work with our team to find the model you’re interested in leasing. We can get ahold of commercial vehicles for business, vintage models, and exotic cars. Let us know the vehicle you dream about driving.

At the end of your lease, another option is to walk away. If leasing or purchasing a vehicle isn’t right for you, you can return your car and walk away. You can always visit us again to start a lease another time.

We also work with local dealerships to develop auto loans with terms up to 72 months. So, this is also an option should you decide to buy out the exotic vehicle you’re leasing.

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End of Lease Buying

What to Expect at the End of Your Lease

At the end of your lease, a couple of things need to happen. Before you return your vehicle, reach out to our team to confirm what needs to be done. This might already be outlined in your lease agreement, but you can always contact our team if you're unsure.

Most leases require a vehicle inspection at a designated service location—or one of several. This inspection shows any wear and tear that occurred during your lease period. While some wear and tear are expected, this is to look for excess damage or incorrectly performed maintenance.

When you bring your vehicle back to the lease return location, there will probably be some paperwork to sign. Let someone know you’re there for a lease return to start the process. You’ll be informed of any overages at this stage, including mileage or damage. You might have to pay for these overages.

Once the paperwork for your last lease is completed, you can start the exciting process of shopping for the next vehicle you’d like to drive.

Begin the Lease End Process Today

Whether you’re a business owner or an individual in Quebec, Pfaff Leasing can help you through the lease end process and help you prepare for whatever is next. If you’re interested in leasing from us again, let us know. We will help you find the vehicle you want to drive or that’s best for your business, from exotic to vintage models. With us, you’ll experience the Pfaff Difference.

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