Pfaff Commercial Leasing

Your Commercial Auto Leasing Center

Welcome to the Pfaff Leasing Commercial Leasing Center! If you operate a commercial fleet, we can source any vehicle you need to help your business in Toronto or the surrounding areas run faster and more efficiently.
In Woodbridge, we’ve built a community of customers and employees who love to own, drive, race, and be inspired by great cars and trucks. Our team knows that amazing cars and trucks aren’t just for fun, they can also be serious workhorses and the backbone of your small or medium-sized business.

Benefits of Commercial Leasing

Commercial auto leasing, such as a commercial van lease or a commercial truck lease, is a smart business alternative to financing. You’ll free up cash flow for what matters and Pfaff Leasing will negotiate with the manufacturers to ensure you receive all incentives, and the best deal to be found in the Calgary area and beyond. We will also help you outfit and manage your Woodbridge fleet, large or small.

A few other reasons to opt for fleet leasing or other commercial leasing include:

  • Tax Advantages: A commercial truck lease, commercial van lease, or other commercial auto lease is a tax benefit! You can write off mileage and maintenance fees, and may even earn tax credits depending on the vehicle(s) you lease.
  • New Vehicles: Once your lease ends, you can upgrade to the latest model years. Eye-catching new vehicles contribute to your business’s overall look and enhance brand awareness. It is also possible to extend your existing lease.
  • Less Stress: Rather than worrying about selling your commercial vehicles every few years, opt for leasing and always have new vehicles at your disposal. This gives you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Commercial Auto Leasing: Get Started Today!

If you operate a commercial fleet, we can source any vehicle you need to help your business run better, faster, and more efficiently. Learn more about our fleet leasing and other commercial leasing opportunities today by calling 289-236-0357 or messaging us at [email protected]. We also invite you to check out our Certified Collision Repair Center!